KJV Dictionary Definition: quiver



A case or sheath for arrows.

Take the quiver and thy bow. Gen. 27.

QUIV'ER, a. Nimble; active. Not in use.

QUIV'ER, v.i.

1. To shake or tremble; to quake; to shudder; to shiver. This word expresses that tremulous motion of the body which proceeds from loss of heat or vigor. Thus persons quiver with fear or with cold.

He quiver'd with his feet and lay for dead.

And left the limbs still quiv'ring on the ground.

2. To play or be agitated with a tremulous motion.

The green leaves quiver with the cooling wind.

The lakes that quiver to the curling breeze.


QUIV'ERED, a. from the noun quiver.

1. Furnished with a quiver; as the quivered nymph.

2. Sheathed as in a quiver.

- Whose quills stand quivered at his ear.


QUIV'ERING, ppr. Trembling, as with cold or fear; moving with a tremulous agitation.

QUIV'ERING, n. The act of shaking or trembling; agitation; as, to be seized with a quivering.