KJV Dictionary Definition: proselyte


PROS'ELYTE, n. Gr. to come. A new convert to some religion or religious sect, or to some particular opinion, system or party. Thus a Gentile converted to Judaism is a proselyte; a pagan converted to christianity is a proselyte; and we speak familiarly of proselytes to the theories of Brown, of Black, or of Lavoisier. The word primarily refers to converts to some religious creed.

PROS'ELYTE, v.t. To make a convert to some religion, or to some opinion or system.


PROS'ELYTISM, n. The making of converts to a religion or religious sect, or to any opinion, system or party.

They were possessed with a spirit of proselytism in the most fanatical degree.

1. Conversion to a system or creed.


PROS'ELYTIZE, to make converts, or to convert, is not well authorized, or not in common use, and is wholly unnecessary.