KJV Dictionary Definition: propitiable


PROPI'TIABLE, a. See Propitiate. That may be induced to favor, or that may be made propitious.


PROPI'TIATE, v.t. L. propitio; pio. Eng. pity.

To conciliate; to appease one offended and render him favorable; to make propitious.

Let fierce Achilles, dreadful in his rage,

The god propitiate and the pest assuage.


PROPI'TIATED, pp. Appeased and rendered favorable; conciliated.


PROPI'TIATING, ppr. Conciliating; appeasing the wrath of and rendering favorable.


PROPITIATION, n. propisia'shon.

1. The act of appeasing wrath and conciliating the favor of an offended person; the act of making propitious.

2. In theology, the atonement or atoning sacrifice offered to God to assuage his wrath and render him propitious to sinners. Christ is the propitiation for the sins of men. Rom.3. 1 John 2.


PROPITIA'TOR, n. One who propitiates.


PROPI'TIOUS, a. L.propitius. Favorable; kind; applied to men.

1. Disposed to be gracious or merciful; ready to forgive sins and bestow blessings; applied to God.

2. Favorable; as a propitious season.


PROPI'TIOUSLY, adv. Favorably; kindly.


PROPI'TIOUSNESS, n. Kindness; disposition to treat another kindly; disposition to forgive.

1. Favorableness; as the propitiousness of the season or climate.