KJV Dictionary Definition: prolong


PROLONG', v.t. L.pro and longus. See Long.

1. To lengthen in time; to extend the duration of. Temperate habits tend to prolong life.

2. To lengthen; to draw out in time by delay; to continue.

Th' unhappy queen with talk prolong'd the night.

3. To put off to a distant time.

For I myself am not so well provided

As else I would be, were the day prolong'd.

4. To extend in space or length.


PROLON'GATE, v.t. To extend or lengthen in space; as, to prolongate a line.

1. To extend in time. Little used.


PROLON'GATED, pp. Extended in space; continued in length.


PROLON'GATING, ppr. Lengthening in space.


PROLONGA'TION, n. The act of lengthening in time or space; as the prolongation of life.

The prolongation of a line.

1. Extension of time by delay or postponement; as the prolongation of days for payment.


PROLONG'ED, pp. Lengthened in duration or space.


PROLONG'ER, n. He or that which lengthens in time or space.


PROLONG'ING, ppr. Extending in time; continuing in length.