KJV Dictionary Definition: procurable


PROCU'RABLE, a. from procure. That may be procured; obtainable.


PRO'CURA'TION, n. L. procuratio. See Procure.

1. The act of procuring. Procurement is generally used.

2. The management of another's affairs.

3. The instrument by which a person is empowered to transact the affairs of another.

4. A sum of money paid to the bishop or archdeacon by incumbents, on account of visitations; called also proxy.


PROC'URATOR, n. The manager of another's affairs. See Proctor.


PROCU'RE, v.t. L. procuro; pro and curo, to take care.

1. To get; to gain; to obtain; as by request, loan, effort, labor or purchase. We procure favors by request; we procure money by borrowing; we procure food by cultivating the earth; offices are procured by solicitation or favor; we procure titles to estate by purchase. It is used of things of temporary possession more generally than acquire. We do not say, we acquired favor, we acquired money by borrowing but we procured.

2. To persuade; to prevail on.

What unaccustom'd cause procures her hither? Unusual.

3. To cause; to bring about; to effect; to contrive and effect.

Proceed, Salinus, to procure my fall.

4. To cause to come on; to bring on.

We no other pains endure

Than those that we ourselves procure.

5. To draw to; to attract; to gain. Modesty procures love and respect.

PROCU'RE, v.i. To pimp.


PROCU'RED, pp. Obtained, caused to be done; effected; brought on.


PROCU'REMENT, n. The act of procuring or obtaining; obtainment.

1. A causing to be effected.

They think it done

By her procurement.


PROCU'RER, n. One that procures or obtains; that which brings on or causes to be done.

1. A pimp; a pander.


PROCU'RING, ppr. Getting; gaining; obtaining.

1. Causing to come or to be done.

2. a. That causes to come; bringing on.

Sin is the procuring cause of all our woes.