KJV Dictionary Definition: presumptuous



1. Bold and confident to excess; adventuring without reasonable ground of success; hazarding safety on too slight grounds; rash; applied to persons; as a presumptuous commander.

There is a class of presumptuous men whom age has not made cautious, nor adversity wise.

2. Founded on presumption; proceeding from excess of confidence; applied to things; as presumptuous hope.

3. Arrogant; insolent; as a presumptuous priest.

Presumptuous pride.

4. Unduly confident; irreverent with respect to sacred things.

5. Willful; done with bold design, rash confidence or in violation of known duty; as a presumptuous sin.


PRESUMP'TUOUSLY, adv. With rash confidence.

1. Arrogantly; insolently.

2. Willfully; in bold defiance of conscience or violation of known duty; as, to sin presumptuously. Num.15.

3. With groundless and vain confidence in the divine favor.


PRESUMP'TUOUSNESS, n. The quality of being presumptuous or rashly confident; groundless confidence; arrogance; irreverent boldness or forwardness.