KJV Dictionary Definition: preside


PRESI'DE, v.i. s as z. L. proesideo; proe, before, and sedeo, to sit.

1. To be set over for the exercise of authority; to direct, control and govern, as the chief officer. A man may preside over a nation or province; or he may preside over a senate, or a meeting of citizens. The word is used chiefly in the latter sense. We say, a man presides over the senate with dignity. Hence it usually denotes temporary superintendence and government.

2. To exercise superintendence; to watch over as inspector.

Some o'er the public magazines preside.


PRES'IDENCY, n. Superintendence; inspection and care.

1. The office of president. Washington was elected to the presidency of the United States by a unanimous vote of the electors.

2. The term during which a president holds his office. President J. Adams died during the presidency of his son.

3. The jurisdiction of a president; as in the British dominions in the East Indies.

4. The family or suit of a president.

A worthy clergyman belonging to the presidency of Fort St. George.


PRES'IDENT, n. L. proesidens.

1. An officer elected or appointed to preside over a corporation, company or assembly of men, to keep order, manage their concerns or govern their proceedings; as the president of a banking company; the president of a senate, &c.

2. An officer appointed or elected to govern a province or territory, or to administer the government of a nation. The president of the United States is the chief executive magistrate.

3. The chief officer of a college or university.

4. A tutelar power.

Just Apollo, president of verse.

Vice-president, one who is second in authority to the president. The vice-president of the United States is president of the senate ex officio, and performs the duties of president when the latter is removed or disabled.