KJV Dictionary Definition: plain


PLAIN, a. L. planus; splendor. Gr. to wander.

1. Smooth; even; level; flat; without elevations and depressions; not rough; as plain ground or land; a plain surface. In this sense, in philosophical writings, it is written plane.

2. Open; clear.

Our troops beat an army in plain fight and open field.

3. Void of ornament; simple; as a plain dress.

Plain without pomp, and rich without a show.

4. Artless; simple; unlearned; without disguise, cunning or affectation; without refinement; as men of the plainer sort.

Gen. 25.

Plain but pious christians--

5. Artless; simple; unaffected; unembellished; as a plain tale or narration.

6. Honestly undisguised; open; frank; sincere; unreserved. I will tell you the plain truth.

Give me leave to be plain with you.

7. Mere; bare; as a plain knave or fool.

8. Evident to the understanding; clear; manifest; not obscure; as plain words or language; a plain difference; a plain argument.

It is plain in the history, that Esau was never subject to Jacob.

9. Not much varied by modulations; as a plain song or tune.

10. Not high seasoned; not rich; not luxuriously dressed; as a plain diet.

11. Not ornamented with figures; as plain muslin.

12. Not dyed.

13. Not difficult; not embarrassing; as a plain case in law.

14. Easily seen or discovered; not obscure or difficult to be found; as a plain road or path. Our coarse is very plain. Ps.27.

A plain or plane figure, in geometry, is a uniform surface, from every point of whose perimeter right lines may be drawn to every other point in the same.

A plain figure, in geometry, is a surface in which, if any two points are taken,the straight line which joins them lies wholly in that surface.

A plain angle, is one contained under two lines or surfaces, in contradistinction to a solid angle.

PLAIN, adv. Not obscurely; in a manner to be easily understood.

1. Distinctly; articulately; as, to speak plain. Mark 7.

2. With simplicity; artlessly; bluntly.


1. Level land; usually, an open field with an even surface, or a surface little varied by inequalities; as all the plain of Jordan. Gen.13.

2. Field of battle.

PLAIN, v.t. To level; to make plain or even on the surface.

PLAIN, v.i. L. plango. To lament or wail. Not used. See Complain.


PLA'INNESS, n. Levelness; evenness or surface.

1. Want of ornament; want of artificial show.

So modest plainness sets off sprightly wit.

2. Openness; rough, blunt or unrefined frankness.

Your plainness and your shortness please me well.

3. Artlessness; simplicity; candor; as unthinking plainness.

4. Clearness; openness; sincerity.

Seeing then we have such hope, we use great plainness of speech. 2 Cor.3.