KJV Dictionary Definition: philosophation


PHILOSOPHA'TION, n. Philosophical discussion. Not used.


PHILOS'OPHER, n. See Philosophy. A person versed in philosophy, or in the principles of nature and morality; one who devotes of nature and morality; one who devotes himself to the study of physics, or of moral or intellectual science.

1. In a general sense, one who is profoundly versed in any science.

Philosopher's stone, a stone or preparation which the alchimists formerly sought, as the instrument of converting the baser metals into pure gold.


PHILOSOPH'ICAL, a. Pertaining to philosophy; as a philosophical experiment or problem.

1. Proceeding from philosophy; as philosophic price.

2. Suitable to philosophy; according to philosophy; as philosophical reasoning or arguments.

3. Skilled in philosophy; as a philosophical historian.

4. Given to philosophy; as a philosophical mind.

5. Regulated by philosophy or the rules of reason; as philosophic fare.

6. Calm; cool; temperate; rational; such as characterizes a philosopher.


PHILOSOPH'ICALLY, adv. In a philosophical manner; according to the rules or principles of philosophy; as, to argue philosophically.

1. Calmly; wisely; rationally.


PHILOS'OPHISM, n. Gr. a lover, and sophism.

1. The love of fallacious arguments or false reasoning.

2. The practice of sophistry.


PHILOS'OPHIZE, v.i. from philosophy. To reason like a philosopher; to search into the reason and nature of things; to investigate phenomena and assign rational causes for their existence. Sir Isaac Newton lays down four rules of philosophizing.

Two doctors of the schools were philosophizing on the advantages of mankind above all other creatures.


PHILOS'OPHIZING, ppr. Searching into the reasons of things; assigning reasons for phenomena.