KJV Dictionary Definition: petit


PETIT, a. pet'ty. Small; little; mean.

This word petit is now generally written petty.

Petit constable, an inferior civil officer subordinate to the high constable.

Petit jury, a jury of twelve freeholders who are empanneled to try causes at the bar of a court; so called in distinction from the grand jury, which tries the truth of indictments.

Petit larceny, the stealing of goods of the value of twelve pence, or under that amount; opposed to grand larceny.

serjeanty, in English law, the tenure of lands of the king, by the service of rendering to him annually some implement of war, as a bow, an arrow, a sword, lance, &c.

Petit treason, the crime of killing a person, to whom the offender owes duty or subjection. Thus it is petit treason for a wife to kill her husband, or a servant his lord or master.


PETI'TION, n. L. petitio, from peto, to ask, properly to urge or press.

1. In a general sense, a request, supplication or prayer; but chiefly and appropriately, a solemn or formal supplication; a prayer addressed by a person to the Supreme Being, for something needed or desired, or a branch or particular article of prayer.

2. A formal request or supplication, verbal or written; particularly, a written supplication from an inferior to a superior, either to a single person clothed with power, or to a legislative or other body, soliciting some favor, grant, right or mercy.

3. The paper containing a supplication or solicitation. Much of the time of our legislative bodies is consumed in attending to private petitions. The speaker's table is often loaded with petitions. Petitions to the king of Great Britain must contain nothing reflecting on the administration.

PETI'TION, v.t. To make a request to; to ask from; to solicit; particularly, to make supplication to a superior for some favor or right; as, to petition the legislature; to petition a court of chancery.

The mother petitioned her goddess to bestow on them the greatest gift that could be given.


PETI'TIONING, ppr. Asking as a favor, grant, right or mercy; supplicating.

PETI'TIONING, n. The act of asking or soliciting; solicitation; supplication. Tumultuous petitioning is made penal by statute.