KJV Dictionary Definition: peril


PER'IL, n. L. periculum, from Gr. to try, to attempt, that is, to strain; an attempt, danger, hazard; to pass, to thrust in or transfix; L. experior; Eng. experience.

1. Danger; risk; hazard; jeopardy; particular exposure of person or property to injury,loss or destruction from any cause whatever.

In perils of waters; in perils of robbers. 2 Cor.11.

2. Danger denounced; particular exposure; You do it at your peril, or at the peril of your father's displeasure.

PER'IL, v.i. To be in danger. Not used.


PER'ILOUS, a. Dangerous; hazardous; full of risk; as a perilous undertaking; a perilous situation.

1. Vulgarly used for very, like mighty; as perilous shrewd.

2. Smart; witty; as a perilous parlous boy.

Vulgar and obsolete.


PER'ILOUSLY, adv. Dangerously; with hazard.


PER'ILOUSNESS, n. Dangerousness; danger; hazard.