KJV Dictionary Definition: perfume


PERFU'ME, n. L. per and fumus, smoke, or fumo, to fumigate.

1. A substance that emits a scent or odor which affects agreeably the organs of smelling, as musk, civet, spices or aromatics of any kind; or any composition of aromatic substances.

2. The scent, odor or volatile particles emitted from sweet smelling substances.

No rich perfumes refresh the fruitful field.

PERFU'ME, v.t. To scent; to fill or impregnate with a grateful odor; as, to perfume an apartment; to perfume a garment.

And Carmel's flower top perfumes the skies.


PERFU'MED, pp. Scented; impregnated with fragrant odors.


PERFU'MER, n. He or that which perfumes.

1. One whose trade is to see perfumes.


PERFU'MING, ppr. Scenting; impregnating with sweet odors.