KJV Dictionary Definition: pen


PEN, n. L. penna; pinna, a fin, that is, a shoot or point.

1. An instrument used for writing, usually made of the quill of some large fowl, but it may be of any other material.

2. A feather, a wing. Not used.

PEN, v.t. pret. and pp. penned. To write; to compose and commit to paper.

PEN, n. A small inclosure for beasts, as for cows or sheep.

PEN, v.t. pret. and pp. penned or pent. To shut in a pen; to confine in a small inclosure; to coop; to confine in a narrow place, usually followed by up, which is redundant.


PEN'NED, pp. Written.

PEN'NED, a. Winged; having plumes.


PEN'NING, ppr. Committing to writing.