KJV Dictionary Definition: pavilion


PAVILION, n. pavil'yun. L. papilio, a butterfly, and a pavilion.

1. A tent; a temporary movable habitation.

2. In architecture, a kind of turret or building, usually insulated and contained under a single roof; sometimes square and sometimes in the form of a dome. Sometimes a pavilion is a projecting part in the front of a building; sometimes it flanks a corner.

3. In military affairs, a tent raised on posts. The word is sometimes used for a flag, colors, ensign or banner.

4. In heraldry, a covering in form of a tent,investing the armories of kings.

5. Among jewelers,the under side and corner of brilliants, lying between the girdle and collet.


PAVIL'IONED, pp. Furnished with pavilions; sheltered by a tent.