KJV Dictionary Definition: omnipotence


OMNIP'OTENCE,'OTENCY, n. L. omnipotens; omnis, all, and potens, powerful.

1. Almighty power; unlimited or infinite power; a word in strictness applicable only to God. Hence it is sometimes used for God. The works of creation demonstrate the omnipotence of God.

Will Omnipotence neglect to save the suffering virtue of the wise and brave?

2. Unlimited power over particular things; as the omnipotence of love.


OMNIP'OTENT, a. supra.

1. Almighty; possessing unlimited power; all powerful. The being that can create worlds must be omnipotent.

2. Having unlimited power of a particular kind; as omnipotent love.


OMNIP'OTENTLY, adv. With almighty power.