KJV Dictionary Definition: nurse



1. A woman that has the care of infants, or a woman employed to tend the children of others.

2. A woman who suckles infants.

3. A woman that has the care of a sick person.

4. A man who has the care of the sick.

5. A person that breeds, educates or protects; hence, that which breeds, brings up or causes to grow; as Greece, the nurse of the liberal arts.

6. An old woman; in contempt.

7. The state of being nursed; as, to put a child to nurse.

8. In composition, that which supplies food; as a nurse-pond.

NURSE, v.t.

1. To tend, as infants; as, to nurse a child.

2. To suckle; to nourish at the breast.

3. To attend and take care of in child-bed; as, to nurse a woman in her illness.

4. To tend the sick; applied to males and females.

5. To ffed; to maintain; to bring up. Isaiah 60.

6. To cherish; to foster; to encourage; to promote growth in. We say, to nurse a feeble animal or plant.

By what hands has vice been nursed into so uncontrolled a dominion?

7. To manage with care and economy, with a view to increase; as, to nurse our national resources.


NURS'ED, pp. Tended in infancy or sickness; nourished from the breast maintained; cherished.


NURS'ING, ppr. Tending; nourishing at the breast; education; maintaining.