KJV Dictionary Definition: net


NET, n.

1. An instrument for catching fish and fowls, or wild beasts, formed with twine or thread interwoven with meshes.

2. A cunning device; a snare. Mich 7.

3. Inextricable difficulty. Job 18.

4. Severe afflictions. Job 19.

NET, v.t. To make a net or net-work; to knot.

NET, a. See Neat

1. Neat; pure; unadulterated.

2. Being without flaw or spot.

3. Being beyond all charges or outlay; as net profits.

4. Being clear of all tare and tret, or all deductions; as net weight. It is sometimes written nett, but improperly. Net is properly a mercantile appropriation of neat.

NET, v.t. To produce clear profit.



1. A piece of network.

2. A complication of ropes fastened across each other, to be stretched along the upper part of a ships quarter to contain hammocks. Netting is also employed to hammocks. Netting is also employed to hold the fore and main-top-mast sails when stowed. Netting is also extended along a ships gunwale in engagements, to prevent the enemy from boarding.