KJV Dictionary Definition: mutter


MUT'TER, v.i. L. mutio, muttio, and musso,mussito; allied perhaps to muse, which see.

1. To utter words with a low voice and compressed lips, with sullenness or in complaint; to grumble; to murmur.

Meantime your filthy foreigner will stare,

And mutter to himself.

2. To sound with a low rumbling noise.

Thick lightnings flash, the muttering thunder rolls.

MUT'TER, v.t. To utter with imperfect articulations, or with a low murmuring voice.

Your lips have spoken lies,your tongue hath muttered perverseness. Is.59.

They in sleep will mutter their affairs.

MUT'TER, n. Murmur; obscure utterance.


MUT'TERED, pp. Uttered in a low murmuring voice.


MUT'TERER, n. A grumbler; one that mutters.


MUT'TERING, ppr. Uttering with a low murmuring voice; grumbling; murmuring.


MUT'TERINGLY, adv. With a low voice; without distinct articulation.