KJV Dictionary Definition: mill


MILL, n. L. mille, a thousand. A money of account of the United States, value the tenth of a cent, or the thousandth of a dollar.

MILL, n. L. mola, molo, mel, honey, mollis; Eng. mellow, mild, mold, meal.

1. A complicated engine or machine for grinding and reducing to fine particles, grain, fruit or other substance, or for performing other operations by means of wheels and a circular motion; as a grist-mill for grain; a coffee-mill; a cider-mill; a bark-mill. The original purpose of mills was to comminute grain for food, but the word mill is now extended to engines or machines moved by water, wind or steam, for carrying on many other operations. We have oil-mills, saw-mills, slitting-mills, bark-mills, fulling-mills,&c.

2. The house or building that contains the machinery for grinding, &c.

MILL, v.t. To grind; to comminute; to reduce to fine particles or to small pieces.

1. To beat up chocolate.

2. To stamp coin.

3. To full, as cloth.