KJV Dictionary Definition: mightiness


MI'GHTINESS, n. Power; greatness; highth of dignity.

How soon this mightiness meets misery!

1. A title of dignity; as their High Mightinesses.


MI'GHTY, a. Having great bodily strength or physical power; very strong or vigorous; as a mighty arm.

1. Very strong; valiant; bold; as a mighty man of valor. Judges 6.

2. Very powerful; having great command.

Cush begat Nimrod; he began to be a mighty one on the earth. Gen.10.

3. Very strong in numbers; as a mighty nation. Gen.18.

4. Very strong or great in corporeal power; very able.

Wo to them that are mighty to drink wine. Is.5.

5. Violent; very loud; as mighty thunderings. Ex.9. Ps.68.

6. Vehement; rushing with violence; as a mighty wind or tempest. Ex.10. Rev.6.

7. Very great; vast; as mighty waters. Neh.9.

8. Very great or strong; as mighty power. 2 Chron.26.

9. Very forcible; efficacious; as, great is truth and mighty.

10. Very great or eminent in intellect or acquirements; as the mighty Scaliger and Selden.

11. Great; wonderful; performed with great power; as mighty works. Matt.11.

12. Very severe and distressing; as a mighty famine. Luke.15.

13. Very great, large or populous; as a mighty city. Rev.18.

14. Important; momentous.

I'll sing of heroes and of kings,

In mighty numbers mighty things.

MI'GHTY, adv. In a great degree; very; as might wise; mighty thoughtful. Colloquial.