KJV Dictionary Definition: midst


MIDST, n. contracted from middest, the superlative of mid.

The middle.

There is nothing said or done in the midst of the play, which might not have been placed in the beginning.

The phrase, in the midst, often signifies involved in, surrounded or overwhelmed by, or in the thickest part, or in the depths of; as in the midst of afflictions, troubles or cares; in the midst of our contemplations; in the midst of the battle; in the midst of pagan darkness and error; in the midst of gospel light; in the midst of the ocean; in the midst of civil dissensions.

From the midst, from the middle, or from among. Deut.18.

MIDST, adv. In the middle.

On earth,join all ye creatures to extol

Him first, Him last, Him midst, and without end.