KJV Dictionary Definition: mention


MEN'TION, n. L. mentio, from Gr. to put in mind; L. moneo and mind. A hint; a suggestion; a brief notice or remark expressed in words or writing; used chiefly after make.

Make no mention of other gods. Josh.23.

I will make mention of thy righteousness. Ps.71.

Without ceasing I make mention of you always in my prayers. Rom.1.

MEN'TION, v.t. To speak; to name; to utter a brief remark; to state a particular fact, or to express it in writing. It is applied to something thrown in or added incidentally in a discourse or writing, and thus differs from the sense of relate, recite, and narrate. I mentioned to him a fact that fell under my own observation. In the course of conversation, that circumstance was mentioned.

I will mention the loving-kindness of the Lord. Is.63.


MEN'TIONED, pp. Named; stated.


MEN'TIONING, ppr. Naming; uttering.