KJV Dictionary Definition: mediate


ME'DIATE, a. L. medius, middle. Middle; being between the two extremes.

Anxious we hover in a mediate state.

1. Interposed; intervening; being between two objects.

Soon the mediate clouds shall be dispelled.

2. Acting by means, or by an intervening cause or instrument. Thus we speak of mediate and immediate cause of its motion; the oar with which a man rows a boat is the immediate cause of its motion; but the rower is the mediate cause, acting by means of the oar.

ME'DIATE, v.i. To interpose between parties, as the equal friend of each; to act indifferently between contending parties, with a view to reconciliation; to intercede. The prince that mediates between nations and prevents a war, is the benefactor of both parties.

1. To be between two. Little used.

ME'DIATE, v.t. To effect by mediation or interposition between parties; as, to mediate a peace.

1. To limit by something in the middle. Not used.


ME'DIATELY, adv. By means or by a secondary cause,acting between the first cause and the effect.

God worketh all things amongst us mediately,by secondary means.

The king grants a manor to A,and A grants a portion of it to B. In this case, B holds his lands immediately of A,but mediately of the king.


MEDIA'TION, n. L. medius, middle.

1. Interposition; intervention; agency between parties at variance, with a view to reconcile them. The contentions of individuals and families are often terminated by the mediation of friends. The controversies of nations are sometimes adjusted by mediation. The reconciliation of sinners to God by the mediation of Christ, is a glorious display of divine benevolence.

2. Agency interposed; intervenient power.

The soul,during its residence in the body, does all things by the mediation of the passions.

3. Intercession; entreaty for another.


MEDIA'TOR, n. One that interposes between parties at variance for the purpose of reconciling them.

1. By way of eminence, Christ is the mediator, the divine intercessor through whom sinners may be reconciled to an offended God. Tim.2.

Christ is a mediator by nature, as partaking of both natures divine and human; and mediator by office, as transacting matters between God and man.