KJV Dictionary Definition: mast


M`AST, n. A long, round piece of timber, elevated or designed to be raised perpendicularly or nearly so, on the keel of a ship or other vessel, to which the yards,sails and rigging are attached, and by which they are supported. A mast is a single stick, formed from the trunk of a tree, or it consists of many pieces of timber united by iron bands. Masts are of several kinds, as the main-mast, fore-mast, mizzen-mast, top-mast, top-gallant-mast, &c.

M`AST, n. The fruit of the oak and beech, or other forest trees; nuts; acorns. It has no plural.


M`ASTED, a. Furnished with a mast or masts.


M`ASTFUL, a. from mast. Abounding with mast, or fruit of oak, beech and other forest trees; as the mastful chestnut.