KJV Dictionary Definition: market


M`ARKET, n. L. mercatus, from mercor,to buy.

1. A public place in a city or town, where provisions or cattle are exposed to sale; an appointed place for selling and buying at private sale, a distinguished from an auction.

2. A public building in which provisions are exposed to sale; a market-house.

3. Sale; the exchange of provisions or goods for money; purchase or rate of purchase and sale. The seller says he comes to a bad market, when the buyer says he comes to a good market. We say, the markets are low or high; by which we understand the price or rate of purchase. We say that commodities find a quick or ready market; markets are dull. We are not able to find a market for our goods or provisions.

4. Place of sale; as the British market; the American market.

5. The privilege of keeping a public market.

M`ARKET, v.i. To deal in market; to buy or sell; to make bargains for provisions or goods.


M`ARKETABLE, n. That may be sold; salable.

1. Current in market; as marketable value.