KJV Dictionary Definition: marinate


MAR'INATE, v.t. To salt or pickle fish, and then preserve them in oil or vinegar. Little used.


MARINE, a. L. marinus, from mare,the sea.

1. Pertaining to the sea; as marine productions or bodies; marine shells.

2. Transacted at sea; done on the ocean; as a marine engagement.

3. Doing duty on the sea; as a marine officer; marine forces.

MARINE, n. A soldier that serves on board of a ship in naval engagements. In the plural, marines, a body of troops trained to do military service on board of ships.

1. The whole navy of a kingdom or state.

2. The whole economy of naval affairs, comprehending the building, rigging, equipping,navigating and management of ships of war in engagements.


MAR'INER, n. L. mare,the sea. A seaman or sailor; one whose occupation is to assist in navigating ships.