KJV Dictionary Definition: marble


M`ARBLE, n. L. marmor; Gr. white.

1. The popular name of any species of calcarious stone or mineral, of a compact texture, and of a beautiful appearance, susceptible of a good polish. The varieties are numerous, and greatly diversified in color. Marble is limestone, or a stone which may be calcined to lime, a carbonate of lime; but limestone is a more general name, comprehending the calcarious stones of an inferior texture, as well as those which admit a fine polish. Marble is much used for statues, busts, pillars, chimney pieces, monuments, &c.

2. A little ball of marble or other stone,used by children in play.

3. A stone remarkable for some inscription or sculpture.

Arundel marbles,

Arundelian marbles, marble pieces with a chronicle of the city of Athens inscribed on them; presented to the university of Oxford, by Thomas, earl of Arundel.

M`ARBLE, a. Made of marble; as a marble pillar.


M`ARBLED, pp. Diversified in color; veined like marble.


M`ARBLING, ppr. Variegating in colors; clouding or veining like marble.

M`ARBLING, n. The art or practice of variegating in color, in imitation of marble.