KJV Dictionary Definition: malign


MALIGN, a. mali'ne. L. malignus, from malus, evil. See Malady.

1. Having a very evil disposition towards others; harboring violent hatred or enmity; malicious; as malign spirits.

2. Unfavorable; pernicious; tending to injure; as a malign aspect of planets.

3. Malignant; pernicious; as a malign ulcer.

MALIGN, v.t. To regard with envy or malice; to treat with extreme enmity; to injure maliciously.

The people practice mischief against private men, whom they malign by stealing their goods and murdering them.

1. To traduce; to defame.

MALIGN, v.i. To entertain malice.


MALIG'NANCY, n. See Malignant. Extreme malevolence; bitter enmity; malice; as malignancy of heart.

1. Unfavorableness; unpropitiousness; as the malignancy of the aspect of planets.

The malignancy of my fate might distemper yours.

2. Virulence; tendency to mortification or to a fatal issue; as the malignancy of an ulcer or of a fever.


MALIG'NANT, a. L. malignus,maligno, from malus, evil.

1. Malicious; having extreme malevolence or enmity; as a malignant heart.

2. Unpropitious; exerting pernicious influence; as malignant start.

3. Virulent; as a malignant ulcer.

4. Dangerous to life; as a malignant fever.

5. Extremely heinous; as the malignant nature of sin.

MALIG'NANT, n. A man of extreme enmity or evil intentions. Not used.


MALIG'NANTLY, adv. Maliciously; with extreme malevolence.

1. With pernicious influence.


MALIGNER, n. One who regards or treats another with enmity; a traducer; a defamer.


MALIG'NITY, n. L. malignitas. Extreme enmity, or evil dispositions of heart towards another; malice without provocation, or malevolence with baseness of heart; deep rooted spite.

1. Virulence; destructive tendency; as the malignity of an ulcer or disease.

2. Extreme evilness of nature; as the malignity of fraud.

3. Extreme sinfulness; enormity or heinousness; as the malignity of sin.