KJV Dictionary Definition: magistral


MAG'ISTRAL, a. Suiting a magistrate; authoritative.

MAG'ISTRAL, n. A sovereign medicine or remedy.


MAGISTRAL'ITY, n. Despotic authority in opinion.


MAG'ISTRALLY, adv. Authoritatively; with imperiousness.


MAG'ISTRATE, n. L. magistratus, from magister, master; magis, major, and ster, Teutonic steora, a director; steoran, to steer; the principal director. A public civil officer, invested with the executive government of some branch of it. In this sense, a king is the highest or first magistrate, as is the President of the United States. But the word is more particularly applied to subordinate officers, as governors, intendants, prefects, mayors, justices of the peace, and the like.

The magistrate must have his reverence; the laws their authority.