KJV Dictionary Definition: lump


LUMP, n.

1. A small mass of matter of no definite shape; as a lump of earth; a lump of butter; a lump of sugar.

2. A mass of things blended or thrown together without order or distinction; as copper, iron, gold, silver, lead, tin, promiscuously in one lump.

3. A cluster; as a lump of figs. 2Kings. 20.

In the lump, the whole together; in gross.

They may buy my papers in the lump.

LUMP, v.t.

1. To throw into a mass; to unite in a body or sum without distinction of particulars.

The expenses ought to be lumped.

2. To take in the gross.


LUMP'ING, ppr.

1. Throwing into a mass or sum.

2. a. Bulky; heavy. A low word.