KJV Dictionary Definition: log


LOG, n.

1. A bulky piece or stick of timer unhewed. Pine logs are floated down rivers in America, and stopped at saw-mills. A piece of timber when hewed or squared, is not called a log, unless perhaps in constructing log-huts.

2. In navigation, a machine for measuring the rate of a ship's velocity through the water. The common log is a piece of board, forming the quadrant of a circle of about six inches radius, balanced by a small plate of lead nailed on the circular part, so as to swim perpendicular.

3. Heb. A Hebrew measure of liquids, containing, according to some authors, three quarters of a pint; according to others, five sixths of a pint. According to Arbuthnot, it was the seventy second part of the bath or ephab, and the twelfth part of a hin.

LOG, v.i. To move to and fro. Not used.