KJV Dictionary Definition: little



1. Small in size or extent; not great or large; as a little body; a little animal; a little piece of ground; a little table; a little book; a little hill; a little distance; a little child.

2. Short in duration; as a little time or season; a little sleep.

3. Small in quantity or amount; as a little hay or grass; a little food; a little sum; a little light; a little air or water.

4. Of small dignity, power or importance.

When thou wast little in thy own sight, wast thou not made the head of the tribes? 1Sam. 15.

5. Of small force or effect; slight; inconsiderable; as little attention or exertions; little effort; little care or diligence, little weight.


1. A small quantity or amount. He demanded much and obtained little. He had little of his father's liberality.

2. A small space.

Much was in little writ -

3. Any thing small, slight or of inconsiderable importance.

I view with anger and disdain.

How little gives thee joy and pain.

4. Not much.

These they are fitted for, and little else.

LIT'TLE, adv.

1. In a small degree; slightly; as, he is little changed. It is a little discolored.

2. Not much; in a small quantity or space of time. He sleeps little.

3. In some degree; slightly; sometimes preceded by a. The liquor is a little sour or astringent.



1. Smallness of size or bulk; as the littleness of the body or of an animal.

2. Meanness; want of grandeur; as littleness of conception.

3. Want of dignity. Contemplations on the majesty of God displayed in his works, may awaken in us a sense of our own littleness.

4. Meanness; penuriousness.