KJV Dictionary Definition: limit


LIM'IT, n. L. limes. See Limb.

1. Bound; border; utmost extent; the part that terminates a thing; as the limit of a town, city or empire; the limits of human knowledge.

2. The thing which bounds; restraint.

3. Limits, plu., the extent of the liberties of a prison.

LIM'IT, v.t.

1. To bound; to set bounds to.

2. To confine within certain bounds; to circumscribe; to restrain. The government of England is a limited monarchy.

They tempted God and limited the Holy One of Israel. Ps.78.

3. To restrain from a lax or general signification. World sometimes signifies the universe, and sometimes its signification is limited to this earth.


LIM'ITABLE, a. That may be limited, circumscribed, bounded or restrained.


LIMITA'TION, n. L. limitatio.

1. The act of bounding or circumscribing.

2. Restriction; restraint; circumscription. The king consented to a limitation of his prerogatives. Government by the limitation of natural rights secures civil liberty.

3. Restriction; confinement from a lax indeterminate import. Words of general import are often to be understood with limitations.

4. A certain precinct within which friars were allowed to beg or exercise their functions.



1. Bounded; circumscribed; restrained.

2. a. Narrow; circumscribed. Our views of nature are very limited.



1. He or that which limits or confines.

2. A friar licensed to beg within certain bounds, or whose duty was limited to a certain district.