KJV Dictionary Definition: levitation


LEVITA'TION, n. L. levis, levitas. Lightness; buoyancy; act of making light.


LE'VITE, n. from Levi, one the sons of Jacob.

One of the tribe or family of Levi; a descendant of Levi; more particularly, an officer in the Jewish church, who was employed in manual service, as in bringing wood and other necessaries for the sacrifices. The Levites also sung and played on instruments of music. They were subordinate to the priests, the descendants of Aaron, who was also of the family of Levi.



1. Belong to the Levites, or descendants of Levi; as the levitical law, the law given by Moses, which prescribed the duties and rights of the priests and Levites, and regulated the civil and religious concerns of the Jews.

2. Priestly.


LEVIT'ICALLY, adv. After the manner of the Levites.