KJV Dictionary Definition: less


LESS, for unless. Not in use.

LESS, A terminating syllable of many nouns and some adjectives. Hence it is a privative word, denoting destitution; as a witless man, a man destitute of wit; childless, without children; fatherless; faithless; penniless; lawless, &c.

LESS, a. Smaller; not so large or great; as a less quantity or number; a horse of less size or value. We are all destined to suffer affliction in a greater or less degree.

LESS, adv. Not so much; in a smaller or lower degree; as less bright or loud; less beautiful; less obliging; less careful. The less a man praises himself, the more disposed are others to praise him.

LESS, n.

1. Not so much.

They gathered some more, some less. Ex. 16.

2. An inferior.

The less is blessed by the better. Heb. 7.

LESS, v.t. To make less. Not in use.