KJV Dictionary Definition: lavish


LAV'ISH, a. I know not from what source we have received this word. It coincides in elements with L. liber, free, liberal, and lavo, to wash.

1. Prodigal; expending or bestowing with profusion; profuse. He was lavish of expense; lavish of praise; lavish of encomiums; lavish of censure; lavish of blood and treasure.

2. Wasteful; expending without necessity; liberal to a fault.

3. Wild; unrestrained.

Curbing his lavish spirit.

LAV'ISH, v.t.

1. To expend or bestow with profusion; as, to lavish praise or encomiums.

2. To waste; to expend without necessity or use; to squander; as, to lavish money on vices and amusements.


LAV'ISHED, pp. Expended profusely; wasted.


LAV'ISHER, n. A prodigal; a profuse person.


LAV'ISHING, ppr. Expending or laying out with profusion; wasting.


LAV'ISHNESS, n. Profusion; prodigality.