KJV Dictionary Definition: latin


LAT'IN, a. Pertaining to the Latins, a people of Latium, in Italy; Roman; as the Latin language.

Latin church, the western church; the christian church in Italy, France, Spain and other countries where the Latin language was introduced, as distinct from the Greek or eastern church.

LAT'IN, n.

1. The language of the ancient Romans.

2. An exercise in schools, consisting in turning English into Latin.


LAT'INISM, n. A Latin idiom; a mode of speech peculiar to the Latins.


LATIN'ITY, n. Purity of the Latin style or idiom; the Latin tongue.


LAT'INIZE, v.t. To give to foreign words Latin terminations and make them Latin.

LAT'INIZE, v.i. To use words or phrases borrowed from the Latin.