KJV Dictionary Definition: lace


LACE, n. L. laqueus.

1. A work composed of threads interwoven into a net, and worked on a pillow with spindles or pins. Fine laces are manufactured in France, Italy and England.

2. A string; a cord.

3. A snare; a gin.

4. A plaited string with which females fasten their clothes.

Doll ne'er was called to cut her lace.

LACE, v.t.

1. To fasten with a string through eyelet holes.

When Jenny's stays are newly laced -

2. To adorn with lace; as cloth laced with silver.

3. To embellish with variegations or stripes.

Look, love, what envious streaks.

Do lace the severing clouds in yonder east.

4. To beat; to lash; probably to make stripes on.

I'll lace your coat for ye.


LA'CED, pp. Fastened with lace or a string; also, tricked off with lace.

Laced coffee, coffee with spirits in it.


LAC'ING, ppr. Fastening with a string; adorned or trimmed with lace.