KJV Dictionary Definition: kick


KICK, v.t. To strike with the foot; as, a horse kicks a servant; a man kicks a dog.

KICK, v.i. To practice striking with the foot or feet; as a horse accustomed to kick.

1. To thrust out the foot or feet with violence, either in wantonness, resistance, anger or contempt; to manifest opposition.

Wherefore kick ye at my sacrifice? 1 Sam.2.

Jeshurun waxed fat and kicked. Deut.32.

It is hard for thee to kick against the goads. Acts.9.

KICK, n. A blow with the foot or feet; a striking or thrust of the foot.


KICK'ED, pp. Struck with the foot or feet.


KICK'ING, ppr. Striking with the foot; thrusting out the foot with violence.

KICK'ING, n. The act of striking with the foot, or of yerking the foot with violence. What cannot be effected by kicking, may sometimes be done by coaxing.