KJV Dictionary Definition: jest


JEST, n. L. gestio.

1. A joke; something ludicrous uttered and meant only to excite laughter. Religion should never be the subject of jest.

2. The object of laughter or sport; a laughing stock.

Then let me be your jest, I deserve it.

In jest, for mere sport or diversion; not in truth and reality; not in earnest.

--And given in earnest what I begged in jest.

3. A mask.

4. A deed; an action.


JEST'ING, ppr. Joking; talking for diversion or merriment.

JEST'ING, n. A joking; concise wit; wit that consists in a trope or verbal figure, in a metaphorical sense of words, or in a double sense of the same word, or in similitude of sound in different words.


JEST'INGLY, adv. In a jocose manner; not in earnest.