KJV Dictionary Definition: issue


ISSUE, n. ish'u.

1. The act of passing or flowing out; a moving out of any inclosed place; egress; applied to water or other fluid, to smoke, to a body of men, &c. We say, an issue of water from a pipe, from a spring, or from a river; an issue of blood from a wound, of air from a bellows; an issue of people from a door or house.

2. A sending out; as the issue of an order from a commanding officer or from a court; the issue of money from a treasury.

3. Event; consequence; end or ultimate result. Our present condition will be best for us in the issue.

4. Passage out; outlet.

To God the Lord belong the issues from death. Ps.68.

5. Progeny; a child or children; offspring; as, he had issue,a son; and we speak of issue of the whole blood or half blood. A man dies without issue.

6. Produce of the earth, or profits of land, tenements or other property. A conveyed to B all his right to a term for years, with all the issues, rents and profits.

7. In surgery, a fontanel; a little ulcer made in some part of an animal body, to promote discharges.

8. Evacuation; discharge; a flux or running. Lev.12. Matt.9.

9. In law, the close or result of pleadings; the point of matter depending in suit, on which the parties join, and put the case to trial by a jury.

10. A giving out from a repository; delivery; as an issue of rations or provisions from a store, or of powder from a magazine.


IS'SUED, pp. Descended; sent out.


IS'SUING, ppr. Flowing or passing out; proceeding from, sending out.

IS'SUING, n. A flowing or passing out.

1. Emission; a sending out, as of bills or notes.