KJV Dictionary Definition: invitation


INVITA'TION, n. L. invitatio. See Invite. The act of inviting; solicitation; the calling or requesting of a person's company to visit, to dine, or to accompany him to any place.


INVI'TE, v.t. L. invito.

1. To ask to do some act or to go to some place; to request the company of a person; as, to invite one to dine or sup; to invite friends to a wedding; to invite company to an entertainment; to invite one to an excursion into the country.

2. To allure; to draw to; to tempt to come; to induce by pleasure or hope.

--Shady groves, that easy sleep invite.

3. To present should be in a situation not to invite hostilities.


INVI'TED, pp. Solicited; requested to come or go in person; allured.


INVI'TER, n. One who invites.


INVI'TING, ppr. Soliciting the company of; asking to attend.

1. Alluring; tempting; drawing to; as an inviting amusement or prospect.

Nothing is so easy and inviting as the retort of abuse and sarcasm.

INVI'TING, n. Invitation.


INVI'TINGLY, adv. In such a manner as to invite or allure.