KJV Dictionary Definition: interpret


INTER'PRET, v.t. L. interpretor, from interpres.

1. To explain the meaning or words to a person who does not understand them; to expound; to translate unintelligible words into intelligible ones; as, to interpret the Hebrew language to an Englishman.

--Immanuel, which being interpreted, signified, God with us. Matt.1.

2. To explain or unfold the meaning of predictions, vision, dreams or enigmas; to expound and lay open what is concealed from the understanding; as, Joseph interpreted the dream of Pharaoh.

3. To decipher.

4. To explain something not understood; as, to interpret looks or signs.

5. To define; to explain words by other words in the same language.


INTER'PRETABLE, a. That may be interpreted or explained.


INTERPRETA'TION, n. L. interpretatio.

1. The act of interpreting; explanation of unintelligible words in language that is intelligible. Interpretation is the design of translation.

2. The act of expounding or unfolding what is not understood or not obvious; as the interpretation of dreams and prophecy.

Look how we can, or sad or merrily,

Interpretation will misquote our looks.

3. The sense given by an interpreter; exposition. We sometimes find various interpretations of the same passage of Scripture and other ancient writings.

4. The power of explaining.


INTER'PRETATIVE, a. Collected or known by interpretation.

An interpretative siding with heretics.

1. Containing explanation.


INTER'PRETATIVELY, adv. As may be collected by interpretation.


INTER'PRETED, pp. Explained; expounded.


INTER'PRETER, n. One that explains or expounds; an expositor; as an interpreter of the Scriptures.

1. A translator; one who renders the words of one language in words of corresponding signification in another.


INTER'PRETING, ppr. Explaining; expounding; translating.