KJV Dictionary Definition: instruct


INSTRUCT', v.t. L. instruo, instructum; in and struo, to set or to put on, to furnish. The L. struo is contracted from struco or strugo. See Destroy.

1. To teach; to inform the mind; to educate; to impart knowledge to one who was destitute of it. The first duty of parents is to instruct their children in the principles of religion and morality.

2. To direct; to enjoin; to persuade or admonish.

She being before instructed by her mother, said, give me here the head of John the Baptist in a charger. Matt.14.

3. To direct or command; to furnish with orders. The president instructed his envoy to insist on the restitution of the property.

4. To inform; to advise or give notice to. On this question the court is not instructed.

5. To model; to form; to prepare. Not used.


INSTRUCT'ED, pp. Taught; informed; trained up; educated.


INSTRUCT'IBLE, a. Able to instruct.


INSTRUCT'ING, ppr. Teaching; informing the mind; directing.


INSTRUC'TION, n. L. instructio.

1. The act of teaching or informing the understanding in that of which it was before ignorant; information.

2. Precepts conveying knowledge.

Receive my instruction and not silver. Prov.8.

3. Direction; order; command; mandate. The minister received instructions from his sovereign to demand a categorical answer.


INSTRUCT'IVE, a. Conveying knowledge; serving to instruct or inform. Affliction furnishes very instructive lessons.


INSTRUCT'IVELY, adv. So as to afford instruction.