KJV Dictionary Definition: inquisition


INQUISI'TION, n. s as z. L. inquisitio,inquiro. See Inquire.

1. Inquiry; examination; a searching or search. Ps.9.

2. Judicial inquiry; official examination; inquest.

The justices in eyre had it formerly in charge to make inquisition concerning them by a jury of the county.

3. Examination; discussion.

4. In some catholic countries, a court or tribunal established for the examination and punishment of heretics. This court was established in the twelfth century by father Dominic, who was charged by pope Innocent III. with orders to excite catholic princes and people to extirpate heretics.


INQUISI'TIONAL, a. Making inquiry; busy in inquiry.


INQUIS'ITIVE, a. s as z. Apt to ask questions; addicted to inquiry; inclined to seek information by questions; followed by about or after. He was very inquisitive about or after news. Children are usually inquisitive.

1. Inclined to seek knowledge by discussion, investigation or observation; given to research. He possesses an inquisitive mind or disposition. We live in an inquisitive age.

INQUIS'ITIVE, n. A person who is inquisitive; one curious in research.


INQUIS'ITIVELY, adv. With curiosity to obtain information; with scrutiny.


INQUIS'ITIVENESS, n. The disposition to obtain information by questioning others, or by researches into facts, causes or principles; curiosity to learn what is not known. The works of nature furnish ample matter for the inquisitiveness of the human mind.