KJV Dictionary Definition: injurious


INJU'RIOUS, a. L. injurius.

1. Wrongful; unjust; hurtful to the rights of another. That which impairs rights or prevents the enjoyment of them, is injurious.

2. Hurtful to the person or health. Violence is injurious to the person, as intemperance is to the health.

3. Affecting with damage or loss. Indolence is injurious to property.

4. Mischievous; hurtful; as the injurious consequences of sin or folly.

5. Lessening or tarnishing reputation. The very suspicion of cowardice is injurious to a soldier's character.

6. Detractory; contumelious; hurting reputation; as, obscure hints as well as open detraction, are sometimes injurious to reputation.

7. In general, whatever gives pain to the body or mind, whatever impairs or destroys property or rights, whatever tarnishes reputation, whatever disturbs happiness, whatever retards prosperity or defeats the success of a good cause, is deemed injurious.


INJU'RIOUSLY, adv. Wrongfully; hurtfully; with injustice; mischievously.


INJU'RIOUSNESS, n. The quality of being injurious or hurtful; injury.


IN'JURY, n. L. injuria; in and jus,juris, right.

1. In general, any wrong or damage done to a man's person, rights, reputation or goods. That which impairs the soundness of the body or health, or gives pain, is an injury. That which impairs the mental faculties, is an injury. These injuries may be received by a fall or by other violence. Trespass, fraud, and non-fulfillment of covenants and contracts are injuries to rights. Slander is an injury to reputation, and so is cowardice and vice. Whatever impairs the quality or diminishes the value of goods or property, is an injury. We may receive injury by misfortune as well as by injustice.

2. Mischief; detriment.

Many times we do injury to a cause by dwelling on trifling arguments.

3. Any diminution of that which is good, valuable or advantageous.