KJV Dictionary Definition: inflict


INFLICT', v.t. L. inflictus, infligo; in and fligo, to strike; Eng. to flog.

To lay on; to throw or send on; to apply; as, to inflict pain or disgrace; to inflict punishment on an offender.

To inflict an office, condition, knowledge, tenderness, &c. on one, as used by Chesterfield, is not an authorized use of the word.


INFLICT'ED, pp. Laid on; applied; as punishment or judgments.


INFLICT'ER, n. He who lays on or applies.


INFLICT'ING, ppr. Laying on; applying.


INFLIC'TION, n. L. inflictio. The act of laying on or applying; as the infliction of torment or of punishment.

1. The punishment applied.

His severest inflictions are in themselves acts of justice and righteousness.


INFLICT'IVE, a. Tending or able to inflict.