KJV Dictionary Definition: infant


IN'FANT, n. L. infans; in and fans, speaking, fari, to speak.

1. A child in the first period of life, beginning at his birth; a young babe. In common usage, a child ceases to be called an infant within the first or second year, but at no definite period. In some cases, authors indulge a greater latitude, and extend the term to include children of several years of age.

2. In law, a person under the age of twenty one years, who is incapable of making valid contracts.

IN'FANT, a. Pertaining to infancy or the first period of life.

1. Young; tender; not mature; as infant strength.


INFANT'E, n. In Spain and Portugal, any son of the king, except the eldest or heir apparent.


IN'FANTLY, a. Like a child's.