KJV Dictionary Definition: infallible


INFAL'LIBLE, a. L. fallo.

1. Not fallible; not capable of erring; entirely exempt from liability to mistake; applied to persons. No man is infallible; to be infallible is the prerogative of God only.

2. Not liable to fail, or to deceive confidence; certain; as infallible evidence; infallible success.

To whom he showed himself alive after his passion, by many infallible proofs--


INFAL'LIBLENESS, n. from infallible. The quality of being incapable of error or mistake; entire exemption from liability to error; inerrability. No human being can justly lay claim to infallibility. This is an attribute of God only.


INFAL'LIBLY, adv. Without a possibility of erring or mistaking.

1. Certainly; without a possibility of failure. Our Savior has directed us to conduct that will infallibly render us happy.