KJV Dictionary Definition: indite


INDI'TE, v.t. L. indico, indictum; in and dico, to speak.

1. To compose; to write; to commit to words in writing.

Hear how learn'd Greece her useful rules indites.

2. To direct or dictate what is to be uttered or written. The late President Dwight indited his sermons.

My heart is inditing a good matter. Ps.45.

INDI'TE, v.i. To compose an account of.

This is from the same original as indict. The different applications of the word have induced authors to express each in a different orthography, but without good reason.


INDI'TED, pp. Composed; written; dictated.


INDI'TEMENT, n. The act of inditing.


INDI'TING, ppr. Committing to words in writing; dictating what shall be written.